The right upland hunting clothes can make the hunt. Bird hunting where the prey is a bird such as chucker, pheasant, quail, prairie chicken, woodcock, grouse or similar birds is commonly referred to as upland hunting. Pheasant hunting is the most common form of upland hunting. Found primarily on the ground in heavy, protective cover, upland birds must be hunted in pheasant hunting clothes that are as tough as that brush.

      The most common upland hunting clothes are of sturdy, traditional cotton canvas construction. The cotton canvas is the classic upland hunting look and it is brush tough, tried and true. Most upland clothing is made from cotton canvas or similar dense weave, non-snag fabric. Pheasant hunting pants must should be of the canvas type or tougher for the upland bibs and pheasant hunting bibs must bust through the brush to flush and retrieve game.

      Many upland hunters use dogs to assist in locating, holding and flushing upland birds. The sport is to attempt to take the birds in flight by shotgun once they have been flushed. Wing shooting is another common name for this style of hunting. A successful shot and retrieve means a bird in hand. Many upland hunting jackets feature a rear bird bag and a more recent upland coat feature the front loading of game which makes it much easier for you to get the game into the bird bag on your jacket. Choose your new Upland Hunting Jacket from our top of the line selection.

      The variety of shotguns used in upland shooting varies as much as the upland hunters themselves. From break barrel, pump or semi-automatics. The preferred wing shooting shotgun gauge is 20 or 28 but in the field you'll find everything from 12 gauge down to 410. For decades, the double barrel, especially the over-under style of double barrel have demanded the most attention on upland bird hunts. Costing in upwards of thousands of dollars, these shotguns are as much a collectors item as a hunting tool. Match that gun with high quality upland hunting clothes from a top brand the likes of Browning, Beretta or Under Armour and your going to love the way you look afield.

      Pheasant hunting is the most popular form of upland hunting and generally takes place in crop fields which provide cover and food for the birds. The Browning Pheasant Forever Upland Hunting Clothes are our best selling pheasant hunting gear. Upland birds are hunted in a almost every state and every dry habitat from deserts to high mountain elevations. The wide access to this sport is one of the reasons for the popularity of upland hunting. But, the mid-west, especially the Dakotas, are famous for their vast pheasant hunting opportunities and number of birds. In the eastern half of South Dakota, there are numerous pheasant hunting lodges.

      Best Pheasant Hunting Clothes

      Some states require upland hunters to don some quantity of blaze orange clothing for safety and many of the upland hunting apparel that we stock feature blaze orange or blaze orange accents. Quite often a hunter will wear a vest over the upland hunting jacket. A hunting vest in blaze orange may keep the hunter in compliance and help to carry game. Recently, the trend is toward functional, technical day packs designed for more rigorous upland hunting in remote areas. In addition to lunch and hydration liquids, the backpacks are a great way to carry your upland pheasant hunting jacket during the mid-day warmup.

      Upland clothes

      Location is important when deciding the species of upland bird you want to hunt. Your upland hunt may be in the US or anywhere around the world. Buy your upland hunting clothing here and you will look great and hunt like the pros.

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