Snow Camouflage Clothes

Every avid hunter knows that good hunting and bad weather were meant for one another. So it is no surprise that snow camo, while rather specialized, is a popular camo for hunting clothes. Because, every hunting situation that demands hunter concealment in a snow covered environment is the perfect scenario for snow camouflage clothes, snow camo attire can be found in duck blinds and snow covered crop field, deer trails, elk country and late season predator hunts. And, white concealment in a snow environment, is quite possibly the easiest and most effective camouflage scheme, so while it may be a rare opportunity for many hunters, every hunter should be prepared to take advantage of this unique opportunity anytime Mother Nature permits.

Snow Camo Jacket

The most basic snow camouflage is solid white apparel. Most of the camo licensing companies have developed snow type patterns to compete with the solid white clothing. Two of the most popular commercial patterns include Realtree AP Snow and MossyOak Winter. The commercial patterns attempt to improve the concealment and make their pattern more appealing to the consumer by adding winter foliage such as brush, tree trunks and limbs to their snow camo patterns. Other producers of snow camo gear have developed digital style camo patterns for snowy environments. The digital snow patterns are the basic white with grey and black "spots" of varying size and shades.

Snow Camo pants and bibs

If, like most of us, you are hunting on a budget; you may be hunting snow days in a snow camo jacket and not covering your lower body with hunting pants or bibs that match. But remember that hunting in a white environment is the easiest and most simple situation to match with camo. So we suggest spending a few more bucks to get a hunting outfit that covers you from head to toe with the white that provides complete conceal at a sometimes rare opportunity. A pair of inexpensive white cover-up pants and a white ski mask or balaclava will be easy on your wallet but can make all the difference when matched with a hunting jacket featuring snow camouflage.

Get your snow camo hunting gear and be ready when natures presents an opportunity to disappear in white.

NDC 5.27.18