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Hunters take to the field in every climate and environment. And, Mother Nature is always there to add to the challenge of any hunt. You need to be ready for what ever Mother Nature's has n mind. Under Armour Hunting Clothes meets the weather challenge head-on.


Hot, cold, wet, dry, .... you name it and Under Armour has the hunting clothes to match the environment. Loose fit HeatGear is perfect for early season doves, teal and residence Canada goose as well as bow hunting. But when the mercury drops out of sight and the north wind blows your hat off, you will be warm and ready in the new Under Armour Infrared Series hunting clothes. Shopping for quality gear at bargain prices? You found it - Under Armour hunting clothes are tops in quality and Texas Fowlers everyday low prices are a bargain you can't pass up.

Under Armour - now there is a brand that is known around the world. What an amazing company. We have been an Under Armour authorized dealer since 2005 and the company growth and product line expansion is second to none. No other clothing company comes close to matching the growth explosion at Under Armour.


Texas Fowlers is all about waterfowl hunting clothes so naturally the Under Armour Skysweeper Clothes are our best sellers. However, we also have a large deer and big game hunting customer base that prefers the UA Ridge Reaper series which includes UA hunting clothes that are designed for the big game hunter. And, then there is the casual and solid color Under Armour Clothing that is found in boats, on docks, on beaches, on lakes and the many casual outdoor settings across the nation. The UA casual apparel makes awesome fishing clothing. No matter which you prefer get out in your new Under Armour Jacket or UA pants in camo or solid and you'll go like a pro.

CAMO UNDER ARMOUR CLOTHING High tech long underwear for cold and hot conditions, their ColdGear and HeatGear lines got them off the ground. And from there, Under Armour has grown into outerwear for almost every specialty outdoor activity you can image. And, when Under Armour Clothes decided to try footwear and began with a few Under Armour Boots, Under Armour Footwear grew to a full line program with sneakers, running shoes, boots, and .......And the UA accessories line which was just a few years back a few gloves and hats is now backpacks, bags, sunglasses, gloves, hats, .....Many have copied, but there is truly no other company like Under Armour Clothing.

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