Under Armour Ridge Reaper GearThe Under Armour Ridge Reaper gear is your best bet when chasing big game.  Deer to elk, the Ridge Reaper series has the perfect jacket, pant and layering combo for your hunt.  Scroll down to learn more about UA Ridge Reaper clothing........
Ridge Reaper Forest Camo JacketIn addition to utilizing the top performers in big game gear - like Gore-Tex,Ridge Reaper Forest Camo Primaloft insulation, Scent Control technologies and quite fabrics -,  the Ridge Reaper series features the exclusive Ridge Reaper Barren and Forest camo patterns.  These patterns are the best in concealment because they are made with coincidental disruption arrays that do not try to copy a specific environment, but rather blend into a multitude of varying landscapes.   Check out the new UA Ridge Reaper Shell Jacket and discover the best of the best.  When your Rideg Reaper Barren Camo Patternready to draw an arrow on the best antlers you have ever seen or bugle the most macho bull on the hill, put on your UA Ridge Reaper gear and go like a pro because with Ridge Reaper you are "NeveRidge Reaper Barren Camo Pantsr Detected, Always Lethal".