WATERFOWL CHOKE TUBESWaterfowl choke tubes slightly narrow the muzzle of the barrel to influence the shot stream and deliver a desired pattern. Waterfowl chokes don't make the shot go farther. Their purpose is to deliver an effective density of shot at a particular distance.  Scroll down to learn more about Waterfowl Choke Tubes......

.....Duck hunting choke tubes should be selected for the style of hunting expected and most probable shot ranges on a particular hunt. For very tight, timber decoy hunts, you may find improved cylinder to work best. A timber situation makes it difficult for the birds to see your setup before they are quite close.


Patterns of But a decoy hunt over open water will generally result in longer shots and will require a different waterfowl choke tube. Ducks approaching your set over open water have a much better view of the decoys and your hide. Hence, the ducks and gees will quite probably be a little more cautious and force the duck hunter to take shots at longer ranges. A modified duck hunting choke tube may give the best pattern at the most probable range over open water.

The probability of long range shots is even greater when pass shooting or hunting decoys in late season. Late season ducks just do not commit like the early season ducks. So experienced hunters choose full chokes for the longer range shooting while pass shooting.


Waterfowl choke tube suggestions include: 1. Make sure the tube selected is the correct model for your gun - manufacturer, model and gauge. 2. Pattern your shotgun to varify which chokes perform best. 3. Select a choke tube for the most probable shot range and pack the tighter and looser chokes for field adjustments 4. Always keep a choke wrench in your field bag or pack

Waterfowl hunting generally requires the use of steel or other nontoxic shot. Make sure you select a Waterfowl choke tube that is compatible or manufactured to handle steel shot or other shot that you will be using.