womens smartwoolWomen love SmartWool.  How do we know?  SmartWool is is #1 selling brand of womens long underwear.  But SmartWool for women is much more that underwear.  SmartWool was born out of a warmer, more comfortable sock.  A sock developed over 20 years back and just to keep toes warm and comfortable on the ski slopes.  Scroll down to learn more about SmartWool for women....
best womens smartwool.....The toes are the smallest extremity and located the farthest from the heart and the source of  the oxygen the fuels the body heat.  Image a wool sock that keeps your toes warm and comfortable and that wool sock covers your entire body - legs, arms and torso?  Sounds cozy!WOMENS SMARTWOOL STYLE AND COMFORT

But SmartWool is more than just warm and comfortable.  SmartWool is style.  Your gong to love the way you look in the bright colors of Womens Smartwool.  And, SmartWool for ladies is cut to fit nice and not restrict movement.  Stay warm, look your best with the top brand, womens SmartWool