Nightride Thermal Cameras

The newest military grade thermal tech for the public. Handcrafted right here in the USA🇺🇸

Bring high quality thermal straight to your Truck or ATV

Nightride Scout Series

Nightride's Flagship Military Grade Thermal Camera with Remote Pan & Tilt

$700-$1725 OFF

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Nightride Ranger

Nightride's Premium Compact Thermal Camera

$100 OFF

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Connect to any screen
Set up in 5 min

Fast and easy set up to any Phone, Tablet or Screen with wireless and wired capabilities.

100% Waterproof

Sealed & Vetted for the most extreme weather

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"Got my Scout 640-35 just in time for our local predator tournament and it worked wonders for covering more land 10x quicker"

Jeff D.

"This product is wonderful. I left it permanently bolted to the top of my polaris and the grand kids think Im very hip & happenin' now when they're over"

James P.

"NightRide Scout is revolutionary. I don’t have to use my headlights to drive and can pan both sides of the road to sight hogs"

Lane R.