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Arctic Shield Fleece Camo Balaclava - CLOSEOUT


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MossyOak Infinity - RealtreeAP HD

The Arctic Shield  Fleece Camo Balaclava  not only controls bacteria growth which causes odor, the nano-silver in the fabric also neutralizes existing odors without regeneration.  The fabric stretches in 4 directions and is breathable with moisture management to keep you dry, warm and comfortable.  Wear your new Arctic Shield X-System Fleece Camo Balaclava in your favorite camo pattern and get your stealth on.


  • Top to bottom warmth starting with the Arctic Shield X-System Fleece Camo Balaclava
  • Nano-Silver technology in fabric controls bacteria growth that causes odor and human odor that already exist
  • Odor control without reactivation
  • Moisture management and breathable fabric controls perspiration
  • Fabric with 4 directional stretch
Color: Realtree AP Xtra|MossyOak Breakup Infinity

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