Fab Defense (usiq) Sl-2, Fab Fx-sl2       Sl-2 Sling

Fab Defense (usiq) Sl-2, Fab Fx-sl2 Sl-2 Sling


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The sl-2 transforms from a 3-point sling configuration in to an extreme tactical 1-point sling for operating in close quarters or when extreme maneuverability of the weapon is required.A quick-release mechanism instantly transforms the sling to single-point mode for better maneuverability in close quarters and for use in vehicles.The weight of the weapon assists in keeping the sling configuration set to the operator's preference.Its durable, wide, and comfortable tight-weave webbing resists fraying and snagging and features a built-in ear plug storage pouch.This model has a black finish.

Design: Three-One Point
Type: Sling
Swivel Size: Not Included
Length: 35"
Width: 1.97"
Color: Black
Material: Nylon Webbing
Includes: Storage Pouch

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