Lacrosse ZXT Buckle Wedge Overshoe 14"


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Designed to keep you dry through Mother Nature’s hissy fits, the ZXT 14” Buckle Wedge Overshoe offers you comfort and traction through a variety of weather conditions. With a large opening in the rubber gusset, the ZXT Overshoe allows for a multitude of boots to fit and with a proven buckle design, keeps your boots secure. The rubber is highly resistant to abrasion, chemical, and water letting you go through slush, muck, and snow. The extra height on the boots allow you to get through that extra thick mud and muck while still keeping your feet dry and warm.

  • Ozone & Tear Resistant Rubber 
  • Flat Heel Fit
  • Non-corrosive Metal Buckles
  • Reflective Heel
  • Hex-tread Outsole

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