Magpul Industries Corp Tejas "el Burro", Magpul Mag1194-001-34 Tejas Gun Belt 2.o Eb Blk


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Magpul upgraded their tejas gun belt "el burro".With new materials and design, built from a single flexible layer of waterproof, textured and reinforced polymer that provides dress belt comfort with stretch and sag-free performance whether you're carrying or not.Its cut in a standard 1.50", tapered tip, making it easier to put on and take off and the buckle comes in brushed antique silver and sits flat against the waist.It includes easily removable tool-free fasteners if you need to remove the buckle for any adjustments.*note- do not order your waist size or pants size.Lay an existing belt out flat and from where the belt folds at the point where the buckle is attached, measure to the hole that you typically use.Remember when ordering to take into account any holster or accessory that may be worn.For in-between measurements use the next size up as our belts will not stretch over time.We size our belts from the fold at the buckle to the #5 hole (count the hole from the tip).

Color: Black
Material: Polymer
Closer Type: Buckle
Proofs: Waterproof

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