3M/Peltor Peltor Comtac Vi Defender Safety/Protection
3M/Peltor Peltor Comtac Vi Defender Black Safety/Protection
3M/Peltor Peltor Comtac Vi Defender Safety/Protection
3M/Peltor Peltor Comtac Vi Defender Safety/Protection

Peltor Comtac VI Defender


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Introducing the Peltor Comtac VI Defender in Coyote Brown, a rugged and reliable communication headset designed for demanding environments. With advanced features like noise-canceling microphones, high fidelity speakers, and cutting-edge digital signal processing, it delivers exceptional performance for clear communication in noisy surroundings. The ComTac VI headset incorporates innovative functions such as Natural Interaction Behavior (NIB) for wireless peer-to-peer communication and Mission Audio Profiles (MAP) for optimized auditory experiences in specific conditions. This protective communication solution provides level-dependent hearing protection, environmental situational awareness, and a water and dust-proof noise-canceling microphone for clear speech transmission in harsh environments. Built with trusted Peltor design, the ComTac VI Defender ensures reliable performance for professionals operating in challenging situations.

Product Attributes:

  • Noise-canceling microphones and high fidelity speakers for clear communication
  • Natural Interaction Behavior (NIB) enables wireless peer-to-peer communication
  • Mission Audio Profiles (MAP) optimize auditory experiences based on specific conditions
  • Level-dependent hearing protection and environmental situational awareness
  • Water and dust-proof (IP68) noise-canceling microphone for clear speech transmission

These attributes make the Peltor Comtac VI Defender a robust communication headset that delivers reliable performance, enhanced situational awareness, and clear communication in noisy and harsh environments.


  • The Peltor Comtac VI Defender is compatible with a wide range of communication systems and equipment, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup.
  • The Natural Interaction Behavior (NIB) feature allows for wireless peer-to-peer communication among team members without the need for an external radio, enabling quick and efficient communication.
  • The headset offers multiple Mission Audio Profiles (MAP) designed for different environments, optimizing the auditory experience for enhanced situational awareness and communication effectiveness.
  • The Peltor Comtac VI Defender provides level-dependent hearing protection, allowing you to maintain awareness of your surroundings while still safeguarding your hearing from harmful noise levels.
  • Built with a rugged design, the headset is highly durable and can withstand harsh conditions, making it suitable for demanding environments.
  • With an impressive battery life of approximately 30 hours for NIB mode and approximately 50 hours for regular communication, the Peltor Comtac VI Defender ensures long-lasting performance during extended operations.
  • The headset features a secure and comfortable fit, allowing for extended periods of use without sacrificing comfort or functionality.
  • The Peltor Comtac VI Defender comes complete with all the necessary components and does not require additional accessories for optimal performance.
  • The headset allows for easy volume adjustment and customization of audio settings, enabling you to personalize the listening experience to your preferences.
  • Backed by a comprehensive warranty and excellent customer support, the Peltor Comtac VI Defender ensures peace of mind and assistance should you have any questions or issues.

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  • Are the pelt it’s used or reman? Everyone else is selling these for a $1000 or more.

    Great Question, So these are brand new, not used. There are 3 different models for the Comtac VI. This one is the entry level price and cannot connect to an external radio as it has 0 lead ports, the next model up is more expensive and has 1 port(which can be connected to external radio), and the most expensive model has two ports to plug in externals. Hope this helps

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