Atn Thor 4, Atn Tiwst4642a    Thor4 1.5-15x 640x480

Atn Thor 4, Atn Tiwst4642a Thor4 1.5-15x 640x480


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The thor 4 640 is a smart hd thermal rifle scope that is powered by atn's obsidian iv dual core.It comes with 3 ultra sensitive next gen sensors including black hot, color mode, and white hot.It can record video in 1280p resolution at 60 fps and stream in 720p, so you don't miss another opportunity to capture that once in a lifetime moment.This scope is easy to mount with 30mm standard rings and it's easy to use with the zoom wheel and classical ergonomic buttons.Sighting in your thor 4 with one shot zero easy; take a shot to adjust your reticle and you are ready to hunt.It also features a smart range finder that is fast and easy to make a good distance estimate to your target.This 640 model has a 1.5-15x magnification.It comes with some accessories including an eyecup, standard rings, l-shape ring, ubs-c cable, scope cover and a lens tissue.

Resolution: 640x480
Magnification: 1.5-15x
Field Of View: 24 x 19 Degrees
Type: Thermal Scope
Generation: 4th
Battery: Li-ion
Dimensions: 13.50" x 3" x 3"
Weight: 2.03 lbs
Focus Range: 1050 yds
Controls: Direct
Battery Life: 16 hrs

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