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Drake G3 Flex Flooded Timber/Field Jacket - Shell Weight


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This shell weight jacket is perfect for wading in flooded timber.  The shorter length of this jacket allows for comfortable fit in waders without bunching.  The drain holes in the pockets in case the water is a little deeper or the weather is wetter that expected.  Lots of pockets for all your accessories or valuables.  The newly redesigned G3 Flex™ fabric is made specifically for those wet days in the duck blind.  This jacket has it all!  The built in mask in the removable hood to keep you warm and dry for those early morning boat rides.  The carabiner clip is perfectly designed in its own zippered pocket so you can hang your jacket and keep it high and dry when things warm up.  The giant lower back pocket is waterproof, zippered and covers your entire back with storage so you have all your gear handy.  And the extra shell loops keep those few shells at hand just in case.  The convenient D-ring for your boat kill switch for extra safety.

  • Zip-off hood with built in face mask
  • Built in Carabiner with zippered storage pouch to hang your jacket
  • Large waterproof back pocket
  • Shell loops
  • D-Ring for boat kill switch

* There is NO INSULATION in this jacket.

Lanyard and Bands pictured are not included. Bands only come when you hunt and harvest waterfowl that have been banded.

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