Browning Soft Shell Addheat Jacket  -  CLOSEOUT

Browning Soft Shell Addheat Jacket - CLOSEOUT


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Add $10 for MossyOak Infinity Camo
Add $70 for AddHeat Controlled and Battery Pack

Stay warm in any weather with the Browning Soft Shell Addheat Jacket. Two layer bonded shell fabric and mesh lining includes 3 AddHeat panels which provide comfortable, even heating. Lycra cuffs and waist form a comfortable seal and keep nature out and the AddHeat in. The flexible heatig elements are washable. Addheat controller and battery included or select jacket and AddHeat package to get all you need. Optional colors include olive or MossyOak Infinity.

Power Pack
Power Pack consist of consists of control unit rechargeable Li-ion battery. Intelligent micro-CPU controller maximizes battery life. 110 - 220 VAC charger

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