SOL Stoke Shovel


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Pack for the unexpected with the all-encompassing SOL Stoke Shovel. This multi-tool shovel has built into the blade a serrated edge, ruler, tent peg puller, cord-cutter, bottle opener, and multiple hex wrenches. If you need it, this trowel has it! The Stow-It Handle stores a flint striker and 4 pieces of Tinder Quik with room for toilet paper or first aid essentials. Start a fire and light your stove with a piece of the tinder cord wrapped around the handle. Made from 420 stainless steel, this multi-tool shovel will get the job done and resist rust. Store this innovative tool in its sturdy sheath with a belt loop to keep it close at hand. Keep the stoke levels high and never be without your trusted multi-tool and shovel with the SOL Stoke Shovel.
  • Multi-Tool Shovel: Serrated edge, ruler, tent peg puller, cord-cutter, bottle opener, and hex wrenches
  • Fire Starters: Flint striker, 4 pieces of Tinder Quik, and a handle wrapped in tinder cord
  • Stow-It Handle: Store the striker, Tinder Quik, TP, or first aid essentials in the handle
  • Sturdy Sheath: Hook and loop fastener secures the shovel in the belt sheath
  • Durable 420 stainless steel shovel

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